OPEN "V" NECK Big Jilbab 2pcs Umm Hafsa – Purple View larger

OPEN "V" NECK Big Jilbab 2pcs Umm Hafsa – Purple

New product

_Discover the 2-piece Big Jilbab "V-Neck" with a width of two meters for best coverage and a flared skirt.

_As it has an elastic headband, it can be worn with a hijab or a niqab underneath.

_If you wear diapers underneath. You can even wear it on your jilbab to add extra coverage.

_Manches: Fingertip for a better support

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41,90 € tax incl.

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OPEN "V" NECK Big Jilbab 2pcs Umm Hafsa – Purple (41.9 EUR)

Big jilbab 2 piece Umm Hafsa V-neck:


A great revolution in the world of jilbab. This new Saudi big jilbab is the largest in the world with its width of two meters! Yes we did say 2m!

Sleeves: Fingertip for better support

Elastic Band / Open Collar - Attached to the head with soft elastic band and open neck part in a V-neck - Wear with a hijab or scarf of lower color. Perfect for sisters who wear niqabs or prefer more free space around the neck


This jilbab Umm Hafsa is opaque and fluid, sewn in the fabric Whool pech Egyptian.

* Why this fabric?

We have selected this fabric because it is very covering, opaque and comfortable to wear. In addition the fabric whool peach egyptian is very light.

This fabric is suitable for all seasons.


Width: 2 meters

Guide to choose the right size according to how much you measure:


Size 0: -1m55 / - 5 ft 1


Size 1: 1m55 - 1m63 / 5 ft 1 - 5 ft 4

Size 2: 1m63 - 1m70 / 5ft4 - 5ft7

Size 3: 1m70 - 1m75 / 5ft7 - 5ft9

Measurements of the cape

Front (from the front to the bottom):

T0: 1m40

T1: 1m45

T2: 1m50

T3: 1m55


Behind (from the top of the head to the bottom):

T0: 1m60

T1: 1m65

T2: 1m70

T3: 1m75


* More than 21 matching Niqab Umm Hafsa models available