Zweiteilige Jilbab Hafsa "Rock" Umm Hafsa – Braun Bild vergrößern

Zweiteilige Jilbab Hafsa "Rock" Umm Hafsa – Braun

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Jilbeb 2 piece Hafsa Braun composed of a butterfly cape with zip pockets on each side to access the kangaroo pocket of the skirt or your handbag, the headband and handles of the jilbab are lycra 100% cotton soft fabric is nice that allows to be more comfortable. "

. Cape wide of 1m90

. Egyptian peach wool peach fabric umm hafsa

. 13 colors available

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39,90 € inklusive MwSt.

‎Umm Hafsa Collection®Jilbab Umm Hafsajilbab Hafsa 2 stück
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This jilbab ma sha Allah sits perfectly and it is so comfortable. I will in sha Allah buy more colors
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Zweiteilige Jilbab Hafsa "Rock" Umm Hafsa – Braun (39.9 EUR) 5/51 notes - 1 avis

 "Umm Hafsa Collection" likes to propose models that combine the char3i character of the jilbab with innovations that will make it more practical for the Muslim woman.

This is how we present you the new Jilbab Hafsa set. This one is composed of 2 pieces: a cloak cut butterfly + a skirt with pocket


So, what is the innovation of Jilbab ?

_ On the cape, you have 2 large openings on each side. Thus, the jilbab has been studied and designed so that the openings of the cape give access to the pockets of the skirt worn underneath. Also you can wear your shoulder bag under your cloak, you access through the openings without having to raise your jilbab and therefore you discover or have a bag on your cloak that will reveal your shapes through the shoulder strap.

* To recall the openings without pocket are an innovation "Umm Hafsa"


_ Wide cap of 1m90, very wide and covering for a beautiful fallen butterfly cut

_ The 100% cotton Lycra sleeves allow a maintenance without that moves and does not disturb you.

_ Lycra headband 100% cotton HYPER comfortable

_ Egyptian peach whool fabric, very strong and light fabric at a time


Guide to choose your size according to how much you measure :

Size 1: 1m55 - 1m65 / 5ft1 - 5ft4

Size 2: 1m65 - 1m89 / 5ft4 - 6ft2


Cape measurements

* Front (from the front to the bottom):

T1: 1m40 / 4ft6

T2: 1m50 / 4ft9

* Behind (from the top of the head to the bottom):

T1: 1m60 / 5ft2

T2: 1m70 / 5ft6

* Width : 1M90 / 6ft23